International Exchanges International Medical and Health Care Volunteer Activities

We provide countries around the world with access to advanced medical technology, and enhance global awareness to meet the changing needs of our world.

Kyushu Dental University promotes international medical care activities in accordance with our spirit of volunteerism. We are involved in a range of activities such as medical care, health care, and treatment of patients with cleft lips and palates in countries such as Nepal, Tunisia, and Viet Nam. We will continue to proactively carry out assistance activities for people in countries and regions in need of the advanced medical technology that our university has to offer.

International Dental Care Support and Technical Assistance

We are currently taking part in international dental care support projects in Bến Tre Province in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. The Japanese Cleft Palate Foundation has been engaged in these projects since 1992, and one of our former students, Dr. Takeshi Katsuki (Professor Emeritus at Saga University), serves as leader of the volunteer team. These projects bring together dentists, physicians, and nurses from throughout Japan for one-week intensive sessions on diagnosis and surgery.


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