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We are committed to developing research leadership skills through research and the acquisition of advanced knowledge and technical skills.

The Graduate School is committed to developing a student’s leadership skills in research. During the graduate program, students dedicate a majority of their time to research in order to produce good research results, as they acquire advanced knowledge and technical skills in dental medicine. After completing the four-year program for doctoral degrees and the two-year program for master’s degrees, graduate students are required to submit dissertations (or theses for master’s degrees) that caps the four years (or two years) of research and summarizes the knowledge and findings gained through research. If the dissertations  (or theses) are accepted after review, a student will be awarded a PhD degree in dentistry or a master’s degree in oral health sciences.
Since the school’s establishment in April 1966, we have accepted more than 800 graduate students, including graduates from other universities.

The doctoral degree program of the Graduate School of Dentistry was established in April 1966 to train researchers who have the advanced research skills required for independent research in the field of dental medicine, and who have sufficient academic knowledge that serves as the foundation for such research. Through academic research focused on dental medicine, this program aims to contribute to advancements in dentistry and improvements in human welfare by developing human resources who can take on leadership roles in the fields of dental education, research, and treatment. Starting in 2014, the school offers a masters' degree program in Oral Health Sciences. In collaboration with dental practitioners, the program trains human resources in more advanced dental treatment and educates future oral health care specialists who can contribute to the development and improvement of local medical care, health, and welfare that support livelihoods through diet and rehabilitation relating to dysphagia.



Introducing the Admission Policy (AP), Curriculum Policy (CP), and Diploma Policy (DP) established by the Graduate School of Dentistry.



Introducing primary research topics.



Notification of admission guidelines for the Graduate School of Dentistry.

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