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Regional Partnerships

We offer opportunities for lifelong learning and access to the latest information on dental medicine to everyone in the region.

Kyushu Dental University offers extension courses to provide opportunities for lifelong learning in the region and to share the advantages of university education and research with people in the region. We also visit high schools to deliver lectures and to provide the next-generation with chances to learn about and gain an interest in the latest in dental medicine.

Extension Courses

Kyushu Dental University offers extension courses, lectures, and seminars that are open to the general public, and shares the results of our education and research with the broader regional community.

Visiting Lectures

Advances are being made in dental medicine every day and the areas of research continue to expand. Recently, there has been an increased demand for oral care for the elderly. Kyushu Dental University offers visiting lectures in which our teaching staff delivers lectures at high schools in the region upon request. Through these lectures, Kyushu Dental University aims to help the next generation better understand and become interested in the latest information and techniques in dental medicine.

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