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International Exchanges

Our mission is to develop global professionals who can contribute to the global community.

Kyushu Dental University is actively pursuing global activities, such as international medical treatment volunteer programs, accepting exchange students, and establishing academic exchange agreements with overseas universities, in line with the university's education and research goal of "promoting the training of accomplished individuals who can contribute to international society and the acceptance of exchange students, thus reinforcing cooperation with dental education and research institutions in the Asia and Pacific region."

Overseas Partner Institutions

Overseas Partner Institutions

Kyushu Dental University is proactively establishing agreements with dental education institutions in other countries, particularly in Asia. This section introduces the agreements that have been signed with overseas universities for joint research, student and teaching staff exchanges, and curriculum development.

International Medical and Health Care Volunteer Activities

International Medical and Health Care Volunteer Activities

This section introduces the international cooperation partnerships in medical and health care in which Kyushu Dental University is involved, such as international dental care support and technical assistance in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

Asia-Pacific Conference in Fukuoka


International Symposium on Oral Education and Research in Kitakyushu

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