About KDU Message from the President

We develop dental education, conduct research, and clinical practice as a general university of oral medicine.

Kyushu Dental University is the only public university among dental schools and dental colleges in Japan, and is a "general university of oral medicine" consisting of the Department of Dentistry and the Department of Oral Health Sciences. Our first priority is to nurture human resources who can provide patient-centered dental care for the next century, and through holistic dental medical education activities, we are fostering dental professionals with a rich sense of humanity and practicality.

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Dentistry. On the other hand, the Department of Oral Health Sciences has a history of more than 70 years of training dental hygienists, including the history of its predecessor, the affiliated dental hygiene academy. Our graduates are active in a variety of fields in Japan and abroad, including community health care throughout Japan.

In recent years, as the environment surrounding dental care is undergoing major changes, higher education is required to shift from "what was taught" to "what was learned and acquired". We have been pioneering various educational reforms, such as the introduction of outcome-based education and the promotion of clinical clerkship based on participation in dental treatment, ahead of other universities.

The University has fostered the concept of "Think globally, Act locally," which is emphasized not only in dental education but also in various other fields, through various educational activities such as international educational exchange programs and community dental health activities. Ultimately, we aim to nurture dental professionals who can be active on a global level in the fields of dentistry and medicine.

Oral health is very important for maintaining one's systemic health and quality of life, and the need for dental professionals is increasing in the medical and welfare fields as Japan enters a super-aging society. For this reason, we believe that we have a mission to train dentists and dental hygienists who can contribute to society more than ever before.

Dr. Shuji Awano
Chair of the Board of Directors and President
Kyushu Dental University, Public University Corporation



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